FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB

FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB is a high-quality multimedia tablet designed for the most demanding user who is looking for a product with extraordinary functions.  By using Microsoft Windows operating system, our device provides users with an unprecedented performance and open up tablet’s users completely new level of multimedia experience.  In the center of FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB construction, we placed high-end, efficient quad-core Intel® Atom™. Images are displayed on the clear and bright 8-inches IPS screen with 16:10 aspect ratio and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Tablet comes also with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash memory.



1 GB of RAM memory

Processor Intel Bay Trail has received an excellent support – integrated, latest generation GPU Intel HD Graphics 646 MHz . This extremely fast graphic processor let you use out new machine in both as a game consol and efficient tool for editing of the picture.
Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB is equipped with 1GB of efficient, energy – saving RAM memory.

16 GB of flash memory

 l czytnikMicro SD card reader capable of supporting cards SDHC up to 32GB
Internal flash disc with capacity of 16GB, let you store large amounts of your favorite multimedia files ( movies, photos, music).Internal storage can be enlarged easily by using built-in microSD card reader with support  up to 32 micro SDHC. This means in total 64 GB storage memory.

Microsoft® Office 365™

In addition to its operating system, a full version of one of the most popular office software in the world: Microsoft® Office 365™ is installed on the device. This includes the possibility of a free upgrade to Windows 8.1™ operating system as well.

1 TB Cloud storage

Office 365 package gives you many benefits and profits. Thanks to this you get an additional 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage. From now on you can save all important documents, photos, videos or music in one place and easily open it on your tablet anytime you want.

What to want more? It’s as simple as Windows®

MODECOM FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB is high-performance multimedia device controlled by the Microsoft® Windows™ 8 operating system. This renowned system makes from our device extremely powerful tool for booth business and education.

Intel® Atom™ Z3735G processor

In the center part of MODECOM FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB tablet we placed ultrafast and highly efficient quad core Intel® Atom™ Z3735G  clocking with maximum frequency 4 x 1.8 GHz.
By using both Intel CPU and Microsoft Windows operating system, we created a device  which provides users with an unprecedented performance and open up tablet’s users completely new level of multimedia experience.   Combination of highest quality, new generation  components with stylish design makes from our new product, complete office tool, which offers unprecedented capabilities. Quad-Core processor Intel® Atom™ Z3735G  , 1GB of RAM memory, latest generation of Intel HD Graphics GPU and Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system, will make sure that every minute spent with the tablet would be incredible multimedia experience.


Used in the device IPS resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, provides a broad, reaching up to 179-degrees viewing angles and 24-bit color gamut. Quality of displayed on the screen images are stunning.  Both static photos and videos are characterized by a unique depth, sharpness and saturation. Moreover, special anti-reflective coating eliminates effectively light-flares when using your devices directly in sunlight.

Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n mode

The wireless Wi-Fi module compatible with 802.11 b/g/n standard provides very fast and secure communication between tablet and the access point, such as router, providing convenient web browsing and smooth HD stream playback.

 szConnect and external 3G modem and enjoy wireless Internet accessl 10Free up your space from cables
Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB is a compact and ultra-mobile device through which you can enjoy internet wireless access practically from any places. Simply plug into built-in USB-OTG external 3G modem and after while devices will be connected.
So far it was believed that tablet can be used only as a source of entertainment. However outstanding technical parameters of our tablet as well as ability to connect a wide range of accessories  make our device a great productivity tool! Moreover, thanks to the Bluetooth module you can connect your tablet to computer accessories without using tangling cables.


Built-in G-sensor (accelerometer) with advanced 3D feature

Built-in G-sensor, known as accelerometer, allows you to control apps by tilting the tablet and to switch between horizontal and vertical view. You can now control games more easily with no need to use touch panel.



Thanks to placed on the back of FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB 2.0 Mpix camera you can take clear, full of details photos and videos. Moreover, placed on the front 1.3 Mpix camera allows you to conduct video conferences with business partners.



To provide users with long hours multimedia entertainment our tablet is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. Highest quality battery cells used in energy-saving controller with the processor makes the device ready for use, even after many hours working with applications, such as games or software for playing video files which use a lot of energy.

Housing, made of high quality materials, makes working on the tablet very comfortable. Quick access basic function buttons are conveniently located (Power, Reset, Windows 8)

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FreeTAB 8025 IPS IB


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