MODECOM FreeTAB 1014 IPS X4 3G +
Thursday, 20 February
MODECOM FreeTAB 1014 IPS X4 3G + my sympathy astounding appearance, precision workmanship..
Review of the tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 8001 IPS X2 3G
Tuesday, 10 December

Many users of smartphones and tablets are not satisfied with the quality of the mobile Internet which they use thanks to the telecommunications operators. Of course, there are alternative sources of Internet services that require external 3G-modem.

"Maximum possible to maxi-tablet MODECOM FreeTAB HD 1331 X2"
Friday, 15 November
Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB HD 1331 X2 has been recognized by the editors and won the "ORIGINAL DESIGN"
Tablet more business
Friday, 15 November 2013CRN
MODECOM SA at the forefront of the best-selling tablets in the first half of 2013 years according to a report CRN
MODECOM FreeTAB 1001 - a new tablet with a 7.8-inch
Monday, 28 October
MODECOM Company presents the latest model tablet FreeTAB 1001 with 7.8-inch screen at a ratio of 4:3.
Tuesday, 24 September
Tablet is a real bargain. For the money we get virtually device that hard declass by the competition.
 Headphones Review Modecom MC-400 fruity
Wednesday, 18 September
They are characterized by not only a nice package, but also the presence of a microphone and pretty decent quality.
MODECOM introduces the new tablet with a keyboard BT
Tuesday, 17 September
Unlike its predecessor FreeTAB 1002 IPS X4 quad-core processor is powered by a 1GHz Allwinner A31S
The most powerful tablet on the market!
Friday, 6 September 2013GENTLEMAN
Looks arouse lust functionality are almost computers.
Emergency least Tablets
Thursday, 5 September 2013CRN
The least susceptible tablets, it is first of all tablets of MODECOM